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Can I Donate Blood? Common Question Answers – [FAQs]



can i donate blood question answers

So today I will answer some common questions, which often arises in our mind when we think about donating blood. And it starts from Can I donate blood? So, here in this short and sweet article, you will get to know everything about it. It includes various FAQs means common question and answers about it.

Why you should donate blood?
Can I donate blood?
Is blood donation safe?
How often I can Donate Blood?
Blood Group Compatibility Chart

Why you should donate blood?

Ans: There is no substitute for human blood. Only human can give blood to any needy.

The need for blood is found in cancer patients and severe patients of excessive bleeding, thalassemia and anemia, during delivery to the pregnant woman or even after delivery.

Can I donate blood?

Ans: Any healthy person who is between 18 and 60 years of age and whose weight is 45 kg can donate blood. One more important thing, Go only to licensed blood banks or blood donation camps.

Here is the list of some licensed Private Blood Banks or visit your nearest bank by googling it.

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Is blood donation safe?

Ans: There is no risk of infection or HIV during blood donation because all the equipment used in it is safe.

How often I can Donate Blood?

Ans: Every three months.

Blood Group Compatibility Chart

Blood TypeCan GivesCan Receives
A+A+, AB+A+, A-, O+, O-
O+O+, A+, B+, AB+ O+, O-
B+B+, AB+B+, B-, O+, O-
A-A+, A-, AB+, AB-A-, O-
B-B+, B-, AB+, AB-B-, O-
AB-AB+, AB-AB-, A-, B-, O-

There is no feeling of discomfort or weakness after blood donation. You can continue your normal activities.

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I hope you have found all the exact info in this article which I especially wrote for you. So now you know the answer to this question – Can I donate blood? Yes, definitely. Do it and feel good. best wishes. keep doing the good work. because you are a good person.