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Recover deleted data file folder windows

Have you accidentally lost a file or folder from your computer? and tried to find it in your Recycle Bin but you could not find it or even delete from there.

So I have a very good solution to this problem, which is very easy.


Actually, this mistake can be done by anyone, any file gets deleted by mistake and we are not able to recover it, so today I am going to share the method of recovering the deleted file or folder with you.

Note - Remember that the probability of recovering the deleted file is 95 to 99 percent.

Like I told you that the process of recovering me is very simple, for this you will need software - that is, file recovery software. Much such software in the market is available for windows and MAC OS but I want to tell you my favorite file recovery software which is - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can download it from here.

It has both free and pro paid versions, in the EaseUS free version you can recover files up to 2 GB, in the Pro version you can do unlimited file recovery. You can download any version of EaseUS Data Recovery Software according to your need. 

If you want to recover very important data for personal use, then you can google Pro version of this software or buy it from their official website.

Remember, does not promote software piracy nor is it a sponsored post. You can download the software as per the requirement.


1. Download / Install / Open >> EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery - recover deleted data

2. Select the (Parent) folder from where the file or folder has been deleted.

easeus data recovery

3. After selecting the folder, hit the OK button.

data recovery software free download

4. The software will start scanning deleted files

best data recovery software

5. After the scan completes, you will see deleted and lost files, both of which you have to select.

accidentally deleted files how to recover

6. Select both options and click on the Recover button.

accidentally deleted files from desktop

7. Now you have to select a folder where you want to get your deleted files. 

recover lost data windows 7

8. It would be better to select a folder whose drive is separate from the drive of your lost file.

Eg. If you are recovering the data of the D drive, select the folder in the E drive. Do not select the folder of the same drive.

select diff folder - recover lost data windows 7

9. Your recovery process will be completed in a short time, it depends. This depends on the size of your file. My 1 GB of data was recovered in less than 10 minutes, according to which you can guess.

recovery completed - recover lost data windows 7

Hope you have found this recovery process very easy and I have been able to help you a bit. 

Bookmark website so that you can know more interesting things. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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