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psycholgical facts about dream

Have you ever thought, Why do we dream? Is there any relation between Dreams and Reality? Why do we do different activities? Why do we have different experiences? or Why are we living this life like this? What is it that is making us do all these things? Well, Psychology has an answer to all these questions. Today, I will tell you some interesting, amazing and rare psychological facts about dreams. So let’s explore. I am very sure you will enjoy this article.

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1. Longest Period Without Sleep – How Many Hours Can You Stay Without Sleeping? 10 hours 20 hours 24 hours. If we talk about the longest no sleep period, then it is 11 days and 24 minutes. Yes and This record was set by Randy Gardner.

2. No Dream While Snoring – If someone has slept next to you, and he is snoring it means he is not dreaming. Why so? Let me tell you in simple words. When we sleep, we can have only two states. One is the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). And the other one is the Non-REM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement). In the REM state, even after closing your eyes, it keeps on moving inside. When you dream you are in REM state. And because of that eye movement, you can dream. But when someone is snoring, then he is in a non-rem state. Meaning that no eye movement is happening and hence he does not even dream. So if someone has slept beside you, and he is snoring, then you understand that he is not dreaming.

3. Comparison of Sleep Duration Between Humans and Other Animals – A person normally sleeps for about 6 to 8 hours. And if we talk about giraffes, they only need 30 minutes to 2 hours of sleep within the entire 24 hours. And even an animal like a horse needs two to two and a half hours of sleep throughout the day. 

4. Now the amazing psychological fact – Do you know that a snail i.e. Ghogha can sleep continuously for 3 years. Snails need moisture to stay alive, and the air becomes hot during summer days. So snail hibernates on its own and snail can sleep for 3 years in this hibernation state.

5. No Clock in Dream – When you are in a dream, your brain cannot see the time in the dream, nor you will able to read anything written. If you look at a watch in your dream, you will not see its needle because of that, you will not be able to know the time.

6. Studies on dreams have shown that most people have bad dreams rather than good ones. About 70% of dreams are bad, and only 30% of dreams give happiness to people.

7. Everyone dreams about 2 hours every night. When men dream, almost 70% of their dreams, they see men only. And in the dreams of women, they can see both men and women equally. Watching TV also has a great impact on our dreams.

8. According to the study between 1915 and 1950, in the days before the arrival of color TV, about 12% of people dreamed of black and white color. Because at that time people used to watch black and white televisions. After 1960, when color television came, the figure was reduced to only 4%.

9. Small babies, until they are 3 years old, they cannot see any pictures or visuals in dreams. In their dreams, there are just sounds and feelings of being touched.

10. The Entrance out is a small chemical also called dopamine that secretes in different parts of our brain. And its role is in almost everything, such as Thinking, Moving, Sleeping, Attention, Motivation, and Reward. We get happiness only because of dopamine, due to this chemical, we eat delicious food, study, and keep ourselves motivated and such things. Recent researches also revealed that, if you destroy the dopamine receptor in the brain of the rat, then the rat will starve itself. Even if the food is lying next to it. Because the motivation to find food is over in that rat.

11. Do you have such a friend who hesitate to try new things? if you want someone to try something new and different, please make that person happy first. Because according to studies, when we are depressed, we want to be near familiar things. But when we are happy, we are ready to try new things and new experiences. So if you want to put your friend on a scary ride, let him be happy first. And now see, how the magic happens.

12. In the North African War zone, in World War 2, the number of wounded soldiers was increasing. The amount of the pen killer (Marfin) was very limited. Army doctor Henry mechur had to perform a solder operation but he did not have any drugs. Which he could give to the Soldier screaming in that pain so that his pain would be reduced. A nervous nurse filled the saltwater in a syringe and applied that injection to the solder. Miraculously the pain of that soldier became absolutely nil. When Henry mechur came back, he did research. And he came to know that many diseases can be cured with the use of fake medicine. And this is called the placebo effect. So this shows that our brain has the power to heal our bodies.

13. Most Amazing Psychological Fact : A psychology professor at the University of California conducted research on some couples. Each couple was placed in a quiet room. And they were connected to the heartbeat monitor so that real-time data of their heartbeat could be taken. And all the couples were asked to look into their partner’s eyes. They were not allowed to speak or touch. And after a few minutes, it was noted that almost every heartbeat of each couple has been synced. It means both partner’s hearts started beating together. The professor said that couples start to understand each other’s feelings over time. This experiment proves that the bond of couples is also at the psychological level.

14. I am sure, this must have happened to you, that you are going somewhere and you feel your phone vibrating. As if a call or message has come on it, when you take your phone out of your pocket, then you realize that you have not received any call or message. But then why did you feel the vibration? This is called phantom vibration syndrome. And most of the people do not consider it a big deal, but according to some research, about 90% of people have this syndrome, so why do we feel like this? So the answer is, learned bodily habits. We use the phone so much that almost every time it stays with us. With time our body starts to consider it as body’s part. That is why our body considers any other sensation as a vibration of the phone. And thus you start checking your phone. So next time, if this happens, then understand that its Phantom vibration syndrome.

15. According to studies, We like those people who keep mistaking a little bit in their life. And the reason is the Pratfall effect. People who never make any mistake, the majority of people stay away from them. Sometimes people come close to you because of our mistakes because our mistakes only make us human.

16. Many people say that they are very good at multitasking, but this is not the case at all. For example, has it ever happened to you that you are going somewhere, and a friend of yours is coming from the front, your eyes are on him, yet you do not recognize him but as soon as your friend stops and you say hello, then you remember. You realize that you looked at him but could not recognize him. This is because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. So you can only do one task at a time. No matter what, how big multi-tasker you are. We can switch tasks very quickly but it is very difficult to do two tasks at the same time. For example. Try this, write your name on a paper and while writing the name, Rotate your right leg clockwise and you will know what I am saying and you will accept this thing.

17. Have you ever had a broken heart? According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, Broken Heart Syndrome is a real life-threatening condition. You must have noticed around you that often old age couples do not suffer the shock of their partner’s passing, with he/she they also die. Although broken heart syndrome is not always fatal but such a serious problem can happen to anyone. Sometimes due to too many stress hormones, the heart stops beating. These stress hormones can be caused by any trauma such as a breakup caused by the passing of a loved one or due to a physical injury. Sometimes this condition is mistakenly treated as a heart attack. So now you know, a broken heart may kill you. So always be happy in your life.

18. 150 Friends Fact – How many friends can we have in real life? And is there such a limit so that we know how many friends we can have? And we are talking about such friends here, but we know in real. (I am not talking about Facebook friends here). You will be shocked, One such limit exists, which is called Dunbar’s number. And this is a limit of 150 people. In your real-life, you cannot have friends more than 150 people. And this is a proven psychological fact.

19. Who does not like good handwriting? And your handwriting can tell a lot about your personality. According to some expert graphologists, about 5000 quality can be told about you by analyzing your handwriting. And often intelligent people have dirty and sloppy handwriting. Because his mind runs faster than their hands, that’s why they write fast. So your classmate who has bad handwriting may not be so stupid as you understand him.

20. People who are not blind since childhood also dream. They can see pictures in dreams. But people who are blind since childhood also dream but they do not see anything in their dreams. The rest of their senses work in their dreams, such as the feeling of touch or the hearing.

21. The person you see once in your life, whether you see them carefully or not, they can also come in your dream. The same people come in our dreams, whom we have seen at some time. Because our brain cannot make a face for itself. Therefore, the people we know, we can see them only in our dreams. 

22. Sometimes it happens that while sleeping, what is going on in our environment, it also comes in dreams. For example, If you are sleeping, and there someone is watching TV, in which a war scene is happening. Then your mind may put you in the dream of war. Dreams are not always what they look like. It is believed that dreams speak in sign language. They may have shown you something else, but it means something else.

23. There is no person who cannot dream. Everyone dreams. Some people remember it, and some people don’t remember it at all. At most one person can have 5 to 4 dreams in one night. It has also been found in animals who dream. eg. you may have seen dogs lying down and running when they are in sleep. But in reality, they are running in dreams.

24. When you dream, your brain enhances your problem-solving power and understanding power. If you are learning some new skills in your life, then it will be beneficial for you to sleep well and dream.

Well, Psychology is a very vast subject, hope you enjoyed above psychological facts about dreams now read these 2 interesting psychological terms – Lucid dreaming and Dimethyltryptamine.

Shocking Psychological Dream Facts – Explained

1. Lucid Dreams While Sleeping –

Lucid Dream, in which you become aware that you are dreaming. And you can do anything in that dream. You realized that time that something is wrong with this reality. You can do whatever you want in your dream, do anything. Yes, it is possible, and everyone can do it. 

Lucid dreaming is such a thing in which people can shape their dream in own way using special techniques. It means, they can do whatever in dream. Like they can go wherever they want or they can jump as high as they want. Or if they want, they can fly also.

In our world, some great inventions or some great ideas have also come to the people’s dream. eg. Larry Page had the idea of ​​Google in his dream. Tesla had the idea of ​​AC current in his dream. And the idea of ​​the sewing machine, periodic table, all of these came in people’s dream. And after that, they were invented. Sometimes, while dreaming, our brain shows us what is going to happen, I mean future. Some examples are – When the World Trade Center was attacked, some people were already seen that in their dream. And even Abraham Lincoln had foreseen his murder in his dream.

Some of you must have experienced that when you are in a dream, you cannot do anything in it. No matter how much you try to run away but you can’t. This happens when our mind and body are unable to co-ordinate. Your mind may not have slept, but your body has slept.

Many methods of lucid dreaming are available on the internet. using those methods you can try lucid dreaming. I have given the link here. By the way, have you ever seen such a dream before? In which you are aware that you are dreaming. Don’t forget to write about your experience in the comments below.

2. Dimethyltryptamine –

It is a chemical. When we sleep, sometimes our brain releases this chemical. Because of this chemical, we can see dreams as we want but now this chemical is also available in the form of drugs, which people take to live in dreams. Although this drug is quite rare and illegal. Due to its effect, a person can dream as he wants. It is believed that more creative people have more dreams. And people have even done innovations in their dreams. I have already told you about this.

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