Verified Green Tea Benefits And Side Effects [Reality]

Green Tea Benefits And Side Effects

So today we will talk about Green Tea, the Real Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects . About green tea, so much is being written wrong on the internet. And you can check this wrong information on all over the Internet and in many videos. Without any research, without any logic, people simply say, green tea is good for health, skin etc. Many people are using green tea to lose weight. Many people are using it to avoid cancer, to cure cancer, many people are using green tea to avoid headaches, for stomach, and many diseases.

But friends let me tell you this important thing. Green tea or black tea are both made from the same tea plant, whose name is Camellia sinensis. To make green tea, the fresh leaves of that tea plant are lightly boiled. So the method of making green tea and black tea is different but it is the same thing, made from Camellia sinensis .

Lots of medical research is already done on green tea. On the website of US International Medical Library you can read about this research. You will know the real proven benefits and myth about green tea. Everything I have going to tell you in this article is a reference from the Website of US International Library.

US International Medical Library –

If you search about green tea benefits on the internet, you will find many articles and videos, which will tell you countless things. But here only you will get the real facts and proven information about green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea vs Myths

1. Green tea increases your mental alertness, you feel fresh. This is true because green tea contains caffeine, green tea, and black tea both contain caffeine. And caffeine increases your alertness. So normal tea also does the same thing.

2. Secondly, many people say, green tea reduces the risk of cancer or is good in treating cancer. This is wrong. According to research, Green tea is NOT beneficial in the treatment of cancer. It is NOT beneficial in cancer prevention. And this is a proven fact.

3. Green tea is good for the heart. Green tea is beneficial for the heart. because green tea research says in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Green tea reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure slightly. It means if your blood pressure or cholesterol is increasing due to lifestyle deterioration and due to other reasons, then drinking green tea will not help in curing blood pressure nor cholesterol. There are many reasons, due to which, your blood pressure and cholesterol increase, than just drinking green tea will not work. Drinking green tea provides some benefits in blood pressure, cholesterol. If you drink green tea, the risk of heart diseases can be slightly reduced. As compared to black tea, green tea is slightly better in this case. Black tea also has all these benefits but in small amounts.

4. Most people drink green tea for weight loss. There is no evidence in the researches that green tea helps in weight loss or green tea causes weight loss. So from the current research, green tea is not effective for weight loss. A lot of research is going on ahead, but researchers have done a lot of research so far, but there is no evidence of this thing.

Side effects of Green Tea (Must read)

In the market, concentrated capsules of the extract of green tea are being sold. Let me tell you that research has found that taking the extract of green tea means taking capsules of green tea extracts can increase the chances of damage to your liver. This has happened to many people. If you take more green tea, then you should also get your liver checked.

If you have some problems in your liver or are having some problems in the liver, you will have to stop taking green tea or stop taking the concentrated extract of green tea. You can say this is the biggest side effect of green tea.

And one more thing, green tea contains caffeine (unless and until you are taking de-caffeine green tea) you can have caffeine’s side effects. High caffeine intake can also cause you shakiness, jitters, sleepiness, and headaches. So, friends, green tea does not benefit from headaches, instead, it causes headaches.

It is a different thing if you having a headache due to cold or due to any other reason, if you take tea, then green tea or caffeine in any tea can give you relief. This does not mean that green tea treats headaches.

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So these are the proven advantages and disadvantages of green tea. I have also told you benefits and side effects of green and normal tea. You can verify these things by going to the US National Medical Library’s website and doing the research yourself.

Be Aware of Fake Information -

Countless misleading information is being spread about many food items. You can get such a lot of information on the internet. Your doctor is saying something, then any Ayurvedic expert is saying another thing. So my advice to you is that you should do the research yourself and find out what is better and what is not.

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Final Words -

Green tea does not work for weight loss. It does not work for cancer. It is very beneficial for the heart and It slightly increases your alertness. these are the few benefits of it.

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