Amazing Oil Pulling Method To Clean Mouth

what is oil pulling mouth cleansing technique

What is Oil Pulling? 

Mouth cleanse also known as Oil pulling. This is a great way to keep the mouth healthy. Whether it is bad breath or tooth decay or any other problem related to the mouth, the mouth cleanses not only improves all of these but also overcomes them completely. This cleanses not only maintains the health of the mouth, but also provides the many benefits to your body. In this article, you will get to know about everything about oil pulling in detail. This article includes benefits, process of oil pulling method, precautions, FAQs and many more. I am sure this will surely help you to keep your mouth healthy. you will also get many mouth cleansing benefits as well.

Do the Colon cleanse before the mouth cleanse. Colon cleanse cleans the toxins present in the large intestine and high stool and plaque sticking to the intestine’s wall. This makes our whole body feel refreshed and energized.

prevent mouth bacteria with oil pulling

In Ayurveda, oil pulling has been called ‘Kaval-Graham’, which is effective in treating and preventing many serious diseases including heart disease, digestive diseases, and hormonal disorders. With oil pulling technique you can also fix loose teeth.

Regular oil pulling with sesame oil prevents cavity in the teeth and teeth remain firmly attached to their roots. It also provides relief in toothache and the sensitivities caused by sour, cold substances. With its regular use, a person can chew hard-to-hard foods.

What I need for Oil Pulling?

For mouth cleanse, you can use sesame, sunflower, mustard or peanut oil according to your convenience. If you are allergic to any type of oil or any of its brands, then use another brand or any other oil.

Step by Step Process of Mouth Cleansing / Oil Pulling >>

swishing oil in mouth oil pulling

  1. Wake up in the morning. on an empty stomach, take 20 ml of mustard oil (or any other oil) in your mouth. (without brushing)
  2. Swish oil in your mouth. While moving the jaw, move the oil from one part of the cheek to another.
  3. Swishing oil in mouth oil pulling
  4. After some time you will feel that the amount of oil filled in the mouth has increased. This is due to the release of saliva in the oil. Ignoring this, keep stirring the oil in your mouth from one side to the other.
  5. If your jaws are getting stressed in this process then, of course, you are putting more emphasis on oil pulling. Leave the jaw muscles loose and use the help of the tongue to move the oil from one side to the other.
  6. As the process nears completion, you will find that the mixture of oil and saliva is diluted. Split out the oil after 20 minutes.
  7. If the color of the oil is yellow, do not worry. This is due to the absorption of toxins in the mouth by the oil.
  8. Now gargle a lot with lukewarm or normal water and brush it.

Early days of Mouth Cleanse >>

Mouth cleans is not so easy for some people. When you start doing oil pulling, it is possible to have phlegm under your throat. To clean this phlegm, you can split out the oil. In this case, again do oil pulling for 20 minutes – with 20 ml of oil.

Since toxins come out of the mouth in oil pulling, you may also feel like vomiting. Gradually, these symptoms will subside completely. Those people who are suffering from severe or chronic diseases, their condition may worsen during the early days, due to the curing of primary infection and the dominance of symptoms of secondary infection.

The secondary infection will also be cured after a few days. Even if this happens, for early treatment, continue oil pulling. The exacerbation of the symptoms here does not indicate that your illness is taking serious form. This means that the body is using its healing ability very well. And you will soon be disease-free.

You must have seen –

In infection or inflammation caused by a wound or injury, there is a mild itching in that place. But when this wound starts healing, itching will increase. For example, When a bone breaks due to accident etc., there is a lot of pain in the process of its healing. Its completely like this.

Benefits of Oil Pulling / Mouth Cleansing >>
When you do oil pulling, the oil acts as a cleansing agent. It removes the stacks of bacteria and toxins from the teeth and gums. With the release of these harmful elements, there is a significant improvement in the health of the whole body along with the mouth. For example- teeth glow, breaths get refreshed and the tongue, gums become healthy pink.

By doing this cleanse regularly, serious problems like tooth decay and bleeding from the gums are gradually reduced Or recover completely.

People who have tried the mouth cleanser have also accepted the benefits of cleanser in the condition of many diseases like acidity, asthma, bronchitis, torn ankles, eczema, headaches, heart disease, abdominal discomfort, joint pain, kidney disease, lung and liver problems, closed nose, intestinal diseases, neurological diseases, thrombosis, ulcers.
Not only this, but mouth cleanses have also been found effective in treating chronic skin problems and menstrual disorders.

As it is said, the way of the heart of women passes through their ears, likewise, the way of the heart of men goes through their stomachs! In the same way, the path of the health of your whole body goes through the mouth.

Do’s And Don’ts >>

Nature did not make our teeth to brush. We need to brush because we eat processed food.

women brushing her teeth benefits

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, for one to two minutes
  • Brush at the ends of the gums in circular motion.
  • Use a soft brush and do not brush vigorously.
  • It is better to use homeopathic or herbal tooth paste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) >>

1. Who should and should not do the mouth cleansing?
From children over five years of age, even grandfathers without teeth can perform this cleanse process. Yes, if a child (under 10 years of age) is cleansing the mouth, then he should use only 5 ml (one teaspoon) of oil. Those who are using fake teeth, they should take these teeth out before cleaning. Women can also do this cleansing during periods and pregnancy.

2. What is the most appropriate time for a mouth cleanse?
On waking up in the morning, this cleanse on an empty stomach gives the best results. If it is not possible for you, do it according to your convenience.

3. How long should you do mouth cleanse? 
Initially, cleanse it for 20 – 20 minutes two or three times a day.

infographics mouth cleansing oil pulling steps

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Disclaimer : Always consult your physician doctor or other qualified health care professional before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.

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